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  • Document Purpose
  • Upgrade Readiness
  • Verify Certification and Review Best Practices 
  • Prepare Target Environment
  • Prepare Source Environment
  • Upgrade Initial Dev/Test Environments
  • Evaluate Performance on DEV/Test Environment
  • Upgrade PROD Environment
  • Recommended Training and Resources

Recommended Training

Database Performance Basic Session (Video)

Database - Performance Considerations Before Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c [video] (Doc ID 2656534.1)

This one-hour session will discuss following topics to help with successful upgrade of older version of Oracle database to 19c, help identify any regressed SQLs and to maintain better performance in the database going forward:

Topics Include:

  • Proactively avoid sources of slower Database Upgrade
  • Proactively avoid known 19c Database Problems
  • Proactively alleviate known SQL Tuning and Wrong Result problems
  • Proactively Manage 19c Databases in a better way
  • Effectively use a few important Oracle Support Tools

Please download the PDF file attached to the video training for important step by step instructions mentioned in the training.


Oracle Database Patching Best Practices (Video)

Overview of Routine Oracle Database Maintenance: Patching [video] (Doc ID 2663346.1)

This one-hour session will discuss an overview of routine Oracle Database Maintenance patching tips and guidelines.

Topics Include:

  • Types of Patches
  • Patch Delivery Methods
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Testing Patches
  • Applying Patches
  • Other Patching Related News


Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Virtual Classroom Series (Video)

Attend all four sessions to complete the learning path on Oracle Database Upgrade.

Topics Include:

  • Session 1: Release Strategy and Patching Best Practices
  • Session 2: Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c using AutoUpgrade
  • Session 3: Performance Stability, Tips, Tricks & Underscores
  • Session 4: Migrate to Multi-tenant Architecture



Oracle Database - SQLT (SQL Tuning) for Everyone [video] (Doc ID 2656521.1)


This one-hour session will help the customer analyze a SQL tuning problem whether the performance is seen due to upgrade of the database to Oracle 19c or even in an existing database because of various other reasons.

Topics Include:

  • Brief Overview on SQLT (SQL Tuning) tool
  • How do we use it to Analyze a SQL Tuning problem or a wrong result problem?
  • What are the alternative tools available for similar analysis?
  • Using SQL Monitor report for analysis of a SQL tuning problem


SQL Plan Management: (SPM) Overview and Best Practices (Video)

Oracle Database 19c - SQL Tuning Using Plan Stability Methods SPM and SQL Quarantine [video] (Doc ID 2656520.1)


This one-hour session will discuss details about various plan stability methods in Oracle 19c database to help maintain a better performing execution plan for a SQL statement. Execution plan of a SQL can change for various reasons. We will discuss following topics:

Topics Include:

  • Brief overview of SQL Plan Management (SPM) and SQL Quarantine (SQ) Features
  • What Plan Stability methods are available in 19c EE/SE DBs?
  • How Plan Stability methods are implemented in 19c?
  • What to do if SPM is not usable as a plan stability method?
  • How SQL Quarantine feature compliments SPM?


Additional Resources


Upgrade Checklist Documents

  • Oracle 19c - Complete Checklist for Manual Upgrades to Non-CDB Oracle Database 19c - (Doc ID 2539778.1)
  • Oracle 19c - Complete Checklist for Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c (19.x) using DBUA (Doc ID 2545064.1)
  • Oracle 19c - Complete Checklist for upgrading Oracle 12c, 18c Container Database (CDB) to Oracle 19c Release using DBUA (Doc ID 2543981.1)
  • Oracle 19c - Complete checklist for Manual Upgrade for upgrading Oracle 12.x, 18c Container database (CDB) to Oracle 19c (19.x) (Doc ID 2549866.1)
  • Patches to apply before upgrading Oracle GI and DB to 19c (Doc ID 2539751.1)


EBS Related Documents for Upgrading Oracle Database to 19c

  • Information Center: Oracle Database 19c with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and 12.1 (Doc ID 2655839.2)
  • 19c Database with Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Known Issues & Solutions (Doc ID 2662860.1)
  • Oracle Database 19c Upgrade Analyzer for Oracle E-Business Suite(Doc ID 2704990.1)


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