Bug 30846782 - 19c+ Fast/Excessive PGA Growth when Using dbms_stats.gather_table_stats in a Loop (Doc ID 30846782.8)

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Bug 30846782  19c+ Fast/Excessive PGA Growth when Using dbms_stats.gather_table_stats in a Loop

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 The content was last updated on: 25-DEC-2020
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Product (Component) Oracle Server (Rdbms)
Range of versions believed to be affected Versions >= 19.1 but BELOW 21.1
Versions confirmed as being affected
Platforms affected Generic (all / most platforms affected)


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Growth in PGA memory usage when gather_table_stats gets executed in a PL/SQL loop (e.g. anonymous block).
The memory allocated during gather_table_stats() is getting freed at the end of anonymous/PLSQL block (user call).
 1. Setting "_fix_control"='20424684:OFF' should not reproduce the problem.
 2. Issue should be growth in PGA memory (not a leak) while executing gather_table_stats()
 alter session set "_fix_control"='20424684:OFF';


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